A hellenic version is also available (Η Σελίδα υπάρχει και στα Ελληνικά).
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The Rainbow Family of Living Light exists since four decates and is a worldwide network of people that walk freely on the path of life and spiritual light in harmony and coexistance with Nature - Earth. All the creatures of the Earth share equally the same planet Gaia and noone worth more or less than another! Life is provided Free and in Abundance to All creatures: plants, animals, birds, fishes, humans!

If you don't know enough about the way we are funktion and our agreed consensuses, please read here about the nature of the Rainbow Family of Living Light's Gatherings.

Infos in different countries/languages:

Δευτέρα, 10 Ιουνίου 2013

Rainbow Gathering Foculizing LIST

 The 31st european gathering of the Rainbow Family will take place this year 2013, in Hellas, from July new moon till Augost new moon (8/7 - 6/8). The place of the gathering is announced a few days before the starting day. 

Rainbow Gathering Foculizing LIST
People who know the ways of….

1. Scouting                         
2. Songs book                   
3. Manual book
4. Posters                                           
5. Pro Invitation for 2013 (newsletter, history, texts)
6. Invitation
7. Info-foculizing and internet

1.       Seed camp
2.       Main Circle (stone fireplace alter)
3.       Kitchen
4.       Oven baking
5.       Storage (lock)
6.       Main Tipi
7.       Kids kitchen
8.       Kids village
9.       Silence area
10.   Medicine area
11.   Tsai kitchen

1.       Welcome center
2.       Main supply
3.       Magic Hut
4.       Water
5.       Fire wood
6.       Info center
7.       Gift pit digging (shitters)
8.       Dinner circle
9.       Talking circle council
10.   Vision circle
11.   Santi Sena
12.   Library
13.   Drum circles
14.   Parking
15.   Front gate
16.   Public relations (legal matters)
17.   Fire patrol

1.       Recycling
2.       Clean up

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