A hellenic version is also available (Η Σελίδα υπάρχει και στα Ελληνικά).
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The Rainbow Family of Living Light exists since four decates and is a worldwide network of people that walk freely on the path of life and spiritual light in harmony and coexistance with Nature - Earth. All the creatures of the Earth share equally the same planet Gaia and noone worth more or less than another! Life is provided Free and in Abundance to All creatures: plants, animals, birds, fishes, humans!

If you don't know enough about the way we are funktion and our agreed consensuses, please read here about the nature of the Rainbow Family of Living Light's Gatherings.

Infos in different countries/languages:

Δευτέρα, 10 Ιουνίου 2013

European Gatherings History

European Gatherings History

1st European Gathering 1983 Switzerland
2nd European Gathering 1984 Switzerland
3rd European Gathering1985 North Italy
4th European Gathering1986 France
5th European Gathering1987 Spain
6th European Gathering1988 Spain
7th European Gathering 1989 Norway
8th European Gathering1990 Austria
9th European Gathering1991 Poland
10th European Gathering1992 Poland
11th European Gathering1993 Ireland (Ballyhupahaun)
12th European Gathering1994 Slovenia
13th European Gathering 1995 Czech Republic
14th European Gathering1996 Portugal
15th European Gathering1997 Greece (Hellas)
16th European Gathering1998 Russia
17th European Gathering1999 Hungary (Full Solar Eclipse 11/8)
18th European Gathering2000 Romania
19th European Gathering 2001 Croatia
20th European Gathering2002 Italy
21th European Gathering 2003 France (Pyrenees)
22th European Gathering2004 Bulgaria
23th European Gathering 2005 Germany
24th European Gathering2006 England
25th European Gathering2007 Bosnia
26th European Gathering2008 Serbia
27th European Gathering2009 Ukraine (Carpathian)
28th European Gathering2010 Finland (Leppävirta)
29th European Gathering2011 Portugal (Salto)
30th European Gathering2012 Slovakia (Lukovistia)
31th European Gathering2013 Hellas (Greece)

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