A hellenic version is also available (Η Σελίδα υπάρχει και στα Ελληνικά).
Namaste !

The Rainbow Family of Living Light exists since four decates and is a worldwide network of people that walk freely on the path of life and spiritual light in harmony and coexistance with Nature - Earth. All the creatures of the Earth share equally the same planet Gaia and noone worth more or less than another! Life is provided Free and in Abundance to All creatures: plants, animals, birds, fishes, humans!

If you don't know enough about the way we are funktion and our agreed consensuses, please read here about the nature of the Rainbow Family of Living Light's Gatherings.

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Κυριακή, 9 Ιουνίου 2013

Recent post for the European 2013!

Consensus was reached!
European Gathering 2013
will take place in HELLAS!
The European Rainbow Gahering in Hellas 2013, will be

the site will be (un)official announced not before the
1st July 2013
Brothers and Sisters who wish to help at the Seedcamp
have to communicate on foculizer@yahoo.gr
to submit the intent of participating

More Nature soon.

    Much love on your way and see you SOON in MOTHER NATURE!
    Happy Trails!

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